Due Diligence

We help clients save considerable time and money when purchasing real estate in Argentina by looking after their best interests at every stage of the purchase process.

Not a single client who made a purchase we recommended has since sold their property — and the vast majority of our clients say they are “extremely satisfied” with their investment.

Our services includes:


  • Property Scouting. In addition to identifying properties for sale on-line, in local papers and by agencies, we locate properties not officially on the market via our extensive network of personal contacts.
  • Guided Property Visits. We take clients to see the properties we have pre-inspected for them and explain the pros and cons of a potential investment while on-site. This is the stage that follows Property Scouting, when a client comes to Argentina to visit the best properties identified in the scouting process

Due Diligence

  • Property Inspections:  Our certified experts perform independent property inspections to assess the fair value of real estate and identify any hidden problems. This is of particular value to investors who already have a relationship with a real estate agency and desire an independent inspection before making a purchase. (more info)
  • Financial Analysis: Includes future cash flow projections based on likely operating expenses and potential income following recommended improvements, as well as Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) and Return On Investment (ROI). Output takes the form of a multi-tab Excel spreadsheet with ability to estimate Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) by inputting one’s own numbers for Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC).
  • Title Checks

    Our notary reviews and certifies all paperwork related to the purchase of real estate, including verification of clean title and ownership (Notaries in Argentina perform many of the services that attorneys provide in other countries and play a significant role in real estate transactions).


  • Title Insurance: Our attorney, Dr. Carlos Guajardo, is approved by First American Title Insurance Company of Miami to provide an official opinion of title for clients who wish to obtain title insurance.
  • Price Negotiation: We assist clients to negotiate the lowest possible price for an investment property, taking Argentine cultural factors and bargaining tactics into consideration. This service alone often saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Purchase Assistance (Representation at Closing): For clients who can not be in Argentina for closing, we oversee transfer of funds, payment of seller, and signing of paperwork (David English personally acts on behalf of clients via Power of Attorney).


  • Property Development:  (Project Management)The English & Associates team is fully qualified to oversee the development of a real estate investment such as a farm, including:
    • Creating preliminary as well as formal project plans.
    • Managing the purchase of materials, hiring of labor, and contracting of third party service providers (builders, contractors, architects, etc.).
    • Drafting of contracts and other legal documents with which to define and enforce agreements with vendors.
  • Property Management:It is essential for investors living overseas for most of the year to have a trusted representative on the ground in Argentina looking after their investments on a daily basis. To this end, we provide:
    • Financial Management – Bookkeeping, auditing of purchases made by employees, and tax filings (monthly reporting is required in Argentina). Investment status can be seen 24/7 from anywhere in the world via Quickbooks Online.
    • Technical Management – Interviewing and contracting reliable temporary or permanent labor as well as monitoring employees and directing their work (such as at harvest-time in a vineyard).

To schedule an initial consultation for English & Associates to assess your investment objectives in Argentina and make preliminary recommendations, please contact us via phone or email.